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02 March 2010 @ 11:20 am
Hey, it's Micky pandzia  and Susu tvxq_soulmate again :)
Special for our project, we've made a community to inform you guys about progression of our project.
But, it's also a community for all 2PM and Jay's fans. Feel free to join, share your thoughts, post and make it bigger!

Together we're strong~

Click the banner^^

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02 March 2010 @ 04:25 am
The whole Jaebum controversy has shocked the kpop industry. Honestly in the 6-7 years I've been a fan in the kpop world, I've never seen anything as controversial, crazy, hurtful, and insane as this. Shinhwa (thank goodness I love this boygroup, a strong 10-year long idol boygroup in the kpop world) introduced me into the kpop world. And then DBSK, and then Big Bang, and now 2PM. I love all these groups equally and support them with all I've got.
I understand Hottests turmoil to hate on 2PM and JYPE, but I'm saddened to say that their acts are malicious, cruel, and definitely "beastly". Although they may not see it as that, anger is bitter and one does not know when they are wrong because all they feel is anger hurt. I go on the ONE2DAY forum and everytime an article appears of 2PM (without their ex-leader, Jaebum) sporting smiles, or are on a program everyone bashes on them like they're some sort of criminals. As if they aren't celebrities. As if they aren't on contract. As if it wasn't their dream to perform on stage to people who love their music and dance.
And you see, maybe I am biased. But I'd like to think I'm not.
Because when I look at current pictures of 2PM, their smiles do not reach their eyes. Make-up is pounded on their faces to cover up dark bags under their eyes. They try to squeeze theirselves into the background as much as possible.
Because when I read what happened at the conference, all I see are fans talking as if they OWN 2PM, as if 2PM does not have any human rights anymore, as if JYPE is to blame for everything. All I see is Taecyon the Boston-American-born citizen speaking like an American, with pride and no pain and no regrets with that little bit of sarcasm we are all sometimes known for having to hide something bigger. All I see are members who are being honest because that's what the Hottest demanded. All I see are Hottest spitting out questions that do not even concern 2PM but ex-leader Jaebum. If the Hottest had wanted truthful answers without emotion they should've specified. You see, the thing is in all this commotion that if one party is guilty, everyone involved is guilty.
Hottest for raising their own hopes? 2PM for not standing for their brother, Jaebum? Jaebum hiding this controversy? JYPE for covering up this mess?
I'm not trying to take sides.  I'm just an advocate for kpop idol BASIC RIGHTS as being idols. Humans. (Have you kpop fans forgotten that word in all this stalking, hating, loving, burdening you do?)
I admit, I was as crazy for Shinhwa as you guys are for 2PM. I would hate on SM Entertainment because I heard of what they did to their artists. I would hate on anyone who did not agree on my POV. But you know, it takes a big heart a big laugh and a open mind to know that they are still also human.

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...is the new official name of our fan section within the 2PM fandom! This week, I'll also make some profile graphics that you can put up to show your support with the new name in it. :D.

ALSO, my Korean tutor (a native Korean) is willing to help me translate the index cards from English to Korean. If you want me to put a post-it note hanging off your index card translating the message to Korean for the boys to read more easily, let me know! If you want your card also translated in Korean (I'll send the English one too, don't worry!), send me a little note saying that when you send your cards.

I will also translate letters and send a printed copy of the Korean translation paper clipped to each letter.

Please remember to make two copies of each card, because one is going to Korea and one to NYC. I'm so excited for this project. Feel free to decorate the cards in whatever way you'd like!

It's great to have you all on board! 2PM FIGHTING~
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01 March 2010 @ 01:39 am
Hey guys! I'm Kaitlin, your ~mystery mod. I've actually never listened to 2PM before (the extent of my kpop listening is Ring Ding Dong and a few SNSD songs xD), but I know how much the band means to h1meko so I decided I would help her out with this project.

So, I decided to make some profile badges that link back to the community, for anybody who wants them. Just copy the code in the textarea, replace 'YOUR LINK HERE' with your image link, and place it in your profile to show your support/pride. They're nothing really special (hey, it's 1:30 AM and I'm tired) but... yeah. xD.

Just please upload the image to your own server--hotlinking kills me. :[.

Banners under here!Collapse )

If anybody wants to contribute more banners, just PM me, ed1nburgh the links and I'll add them to this post. :D.
28 February 2010 @ 08:53 pm

And those that want to support!

EDIT: For those that cannot go or is not attending HB. You can still help out! (: Your can always send your index card to my mailing address and I will be sure to tie it to a balloon (or into the album/scrapbook).


Support the members! Spread the news! GO!
28 February 2010 @ 07:04 pm

On an index card, write a reason why you love 2PM so much. Write as many as you can possibly think of, but please, put a separate reason on each index card. Send two index cards with the same reason written on them. One will go to JYPE's NYC office delivered by me and the other will be mailed to JYPE in Korea! :D. Please decorate your card in any way you see fit! Draw on it, put photos, whatever you want! I will tape all of the index cards going to NY together in one big string. We want the string of cards to be as long as we can possibly make it. Since you're all 2PM fans, I'm sure you have plenty of reasons to love the boys! REASONS CAN BE AS SERIOUS OR SILLY AS YOU'D LIKE.

Once you have made your cards, please email me at fictitious.cake@gmail.com asking for my address and I will give it to you. Include 2PM Support in the subject line so I don't think it's a scam and it won't go to my junk folder automatically.

For those of you who can't mail things, in Photoshop/MS Paint/Gimp/whatever graphics programme you use, write about your personal story with 2PM, why you love them, how they've affected your life, etc. If you can, decorate them with pictures, drawings, write it in nice looking fonts... anything that makes it look personalised and adds a creative and personal touch to your letter! Please save them in .png format and upload to Photobucket or another image hosting server. Email them all to fictitious.cake@gmail.com with the subject line 2PM Support and I will print two copies of each. They will go in the same package with the index cards.

Please send everything as soon as possible!

Also, this community needs all the help we can get to show JYPE and 2PM that we are still here supporting them. Tell your friends who also support 2PM about this community! The more word spreads about us, the more cards and letters we'll be able to send to them!

I highly encourage you all to participate in these parts of our fan project! PLEASE DO BOTH IF POSSIBLE, since the boys need all the love and support they can get right now. If, for whatever reason, you can't, don't worry, there will most likely be more components to this package later on! Or a second care package for the boys. :D.
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28 February 2010 @ 03:14 pm
I noticed that a lot of you on a previous post wanted a new fanclub name for us because Hottest leaves a bad taste in your mouths right about now. I totally agree and support this idea, and I think we should include this in our post its, letters, and scrapbooks.

SO. RENAME SUGGESTIONS. WRITE THEM HERE. The ones that get the most people seconding them will go up in a poll to vote on the official name.

Graphic makers, feel free to make graphics, icons, and profile tags showing your support! My graphic community, icondere, will update soon with many support icons and banners for your profile. :D.
28 February 2010 @ 02:23 pm

support2pm is a project started on February 28th after the 2PM fan conference. Many former 2PM fans are taking down fansites, sending broken CDs and destroyed merchandise to JYPE to show their displeasure with the band. However, there are those of us out there that still support 2PM despite the rumours, controversy and turmoil. This community is dedicated to finding ways to prevent the disbanding of 2PM and showing our support for the six members who now have to deal with all of this outrage.